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Test Registration
The Secondary Transfer Test (11 plus) registration is now open for The Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools (TBGS). 
The registration will close on 27th June at 3pm.
A familiarisation book will be sent to all children taking the test. If your child takes the test at their own school the booklet will be sent to your child’s school.
Give it time to load, it can take a few minutes!
2 May 2019
2019 Examination dates
Details of the date window for registration, the examination and results are here.
16 Feb 2019
2019 Holiday Schools
Dates and times for this year's holiday schools are now here. Dates and times for the 2019 mock exams are now here.
27 Jan 2019
Many congratulations to all our students that passed the 11+ this year.
16 Oct 2018
11 Plus Cloze App
We are pleased to announce that our 11 Plus Cloze Quiz iPhone app is available from the Apple App Store.

28 Mar 2017
We are pleased to be able to announce the availability of our brand new NVR workbook. 
It contains 60 pages of questions covering the six main question types for the CEM (Durham University) test.
It's available from Amazon for £8.99
7 January 2016
Happy New Year! The date for the 2016 Buckinghamshire 11+ will be Thursday 15 September. Full details are here.  
Parking Problems
In order to avoid complaints from our neighbours, please read the Parking Guidelines carefully.

Welcome to 11 Plus Pass

Based in Milton Keynes, 11 Plus Pass provides your child with the necessary skills, tools and strategies to help him or her to pass the Buckinghamshire 11 Plus examinations.
11 Plus Pass tuition sessions are designed and run by Rachel Higgins and Rebecca Newman, both of whom are highly qualified teachers who have been teaching for many years. For more details of their qualifications and experience please click here.
Sessions typically run for one hour. They run Monday to Friday after school and Saturday throughout the day. Most sessions are mainly small groups, but some one-to-one slots are available on a strictly limited basis. The small group sessions run throughout the school holidays, but one-to-one sessions don't. Unlike many other 11-Plus tutors we don't charge extra for materials used in the lessons. 
Normally you would book your child in for one session per week in the months leading up to the exam. An Initial Assessment is recommended before starting 11-plus tuition.
During the school holidays we also run intensive Holiday Schools which consist of five one-hour sessions held over one week. Holiday Schools cover all aspects of the Buckinghamshire 11-plus examination.