11 Plus Pass

Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) Workbook 

This workbook contains a selection of NVR questions that mimic/mirror the relevant question types and difficulties often seen in the 11plus examinations. It is CEM compatible and contains a comprehensive breakdown of answers on the answer pages. 
Front Cover
Sample Page - Image relationships. 
Choose the correct relationship for image 3.
Sample page - Find the correct net for the cube

This book is designed to support and enable children to:
  • Recognise patterns and shapes
  • Recognise similarities and differences
  • Analyse visual information rapidly
  • Use analogies
  • Predict sequences
  • Formulate strategies 
As with all 11 plus materials, constant experience in attempting a variety of question types is invaluable and this workbook plays an integral part of a child’s 11 plus study programme.
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