11 Plus Pass
Tricky Synonym Cards - Pack 1
The aim of this pack is to extend your child’s vocabulary to cover the more difficult synonyms that they may encounter in the 11-Plus transfer test.

The pack contains 55 question cards, each one testing your child's understanding of a difficult word by placing it in context in a sentence and asking them to select the correct synonym from a short list of alternatives. The correct answer is on the back of each card. 

Expanding vocabulary is always a concern when working towards the 11 plus transfer test. This pack of tricky synonym cards have been designed especially to fill that gap. All of the words on the cards should be known by the child before they take the 11 plus test, so it’s a good idea to test your child on the incorrect answers/choices given on each card too.
The cost is £10.00 per pack. This includes postage and packing.