Initial Assessment

It is wise to book your child in for an initial assessment before starting weekly sessions. Here 11 Plus Pass will be perfectly honest with you and inform you whether further sessions or programmes should be booked.

In the past 11 Plus Pass has felt that some children would not be able to obtain the necessary pass scores, and has informed the parents of this. We want your child to pass the 11-plus, but believe that it would be unfair to raise unreasonable expectations and therefore tutor a child that would find tuition very difficult and stressful.

Initial Assessments are available throughout the year. This assessment is beneficial even when weekly sessions are fully booked as places may still be available on the Holiday School programme. This assessment is ideal as it provides an unbiased assessment of your child’s ability, even when the child is going to be tutored elsewhere.

This Initial Assessment is one hour long and will be conducted by Rachel Higgins. After assessment there will be an additional 15 minute feedback session for parents.

The cost of an assessment is the same as a normal hour-long weekly session – £40.

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Small-Group Sessions

Small Group Sessions follow the same high quality level of study as the 1:1 programme. Under normal circumstances the group would consist of up to 4 students, but in the light of the current coronavirus pandemic this has been reduced to 2. Please refer to our Coronavirus Guidelines for more details. We are also delivering homework assignments and progress feedback through Google Classrooms to reduce person-to-person contact.

Each child is matched with other children of a similar ability which has been determined by their 1:1 assessment.

Children attending Small Group Sessions are also entitled to additional 1:1 sessions running throughout the summer holiday. These 1:1 sessions will be charged at the prevailing 1:1 rate.

Each session comprises of one hour of teaching with written feedback. A session costs £35 per full teaching hour and payment is due per term.

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Summer Holiday 1:1 Programme

This programme of study consists of 1:1 sessions through the Summer holidays. The sessions are individually tailored to give tuition on the particular question types depending on each child’s needs, concentrating on areas of weakness discovered during Small Group sessions.

The aim is to give greater emphasis on areas of weakness. In addition, we also cover 11-plus specific skills such as:

  • Useful techniques for tackling multiple-choice questions
  • Exam timing and pacing techniques
  • A kinaesthetic approach to NVR using our own tried and tested materials and techniques
  • Overlapping and extending elements of the current National Curriculum
  • Numerous valuable hints, tips and short-cuts

A small amount of homework is usually given to reinforce the techniques learned during the session. The homework changes in character in the lead-up to the examination to give more emphasis on ensuring that all questions are answered in the timescale allowed.

Each session comprises one hour of teaching. A session costs £40 per teaching hour and takes place in the 11 Plus Pass classroom.

These sessions are only available to students enrolled in small-group sessions.

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When should I book?

If you are interested in booking an initial assessment please use the Contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Please note that 11 Plus Pass is very busy and takes most session bookings often 6 to 12 months in advance. We already have some bookings for 2027, so it’s never too early to book your child in.

It is wise to start students with literacy difficulties much earlier in the year.

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My daughter had tuition with Rachel and Becky for the Secondary Transfer Test. She passed it successfully. The sessions were tailored to individual needs of every child and definitely helped my daughter to identify the gaps in her knowledge to work on.
Since the first day my daughter Mia joined Rachel’s English class for 11plus she absolutely loved it and said she had so much fun while learning. As a parent, I am so proud of her by getting a score of 138. Thank you very much again for your help and support for the last few month.
We were really pleased with the professional service that we received from Becky & Rachel. From the initial assessment, the weekly lessons, supportive feedback and the top up holiday courses, we could not fault any part of the service.

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