This is a small selection of the testimonials and feedback we've received regarding the 2023 exam. They are unabridged and are reproduced with permission of the people involved. Student names and scores have been withheld when requested.

Rachel gave us confidence from the very first session she had with Henry. He enjoyed all the sessions and always came out fully engaged and enthusiastic about what he had learnt. He also loved doing the homework sessions through Google classroom. Lessons were varied and well planned with feedback provided to parents. We are delighted with the experience that our family had with Rachel.

Henry passed the 2023 11+ with a score of 128

Elliot started with Rachel just before his 10th birthday with around 12 weeks before the 11+ exam. A pretty resistant student who finds it hard to apply himself. Although I had to drag him to some Lessons he always came out with a smile on his face! He sat the mock exam when he scored around 70/75% but with some catch up 1-2-1 sessions in the summer and technique tips he passed the actual test with the second highest in his school of 134.

Worth every penny (and tear!) - thanks Rachel.

Elliot passed the 2023 11+ with a score of 134

We registered our son with Rachel for the 11 plus examination preparation and that turned out to be a very good decision.

He looked forward to the classes every week and Rachel’s guidance and tutoring, coupled with the weekly homework he had to complete before the next sessions were helpful and challenging. The classes were also ‘small sized’, allowing for him to receive personalized coaching.

And then, the mock exams! They helped in identifying gaps, highlighting areas of need so we could all gently guide him where he needed it most. He learnt a lot from doing them as they simulated the actual examination conditions.

He passed the 11 plus examination with a score of 143.

We are grateful for this and have no hesitation recommending Rachel.

This student passed the 2023 11+ with a score of 143

Our son attended tuition with Rachel and we were absolutely thrilled with the provision he received. Right from the start it was obvious that Rachel knew him really well and knew his strengths and weaknesses. Although the tuition was in a group it was tailored to the needs of the children. What we personally liked, in comparison to the big companies who do tuition was that it was more personal and the things top do at home were very manageable and fitted around other homework and wider activities. Rachel was always on hand with advice and more importantly, our son really enjoyed the challenge of the sessions without feeling too much pressure. By the time the exam came around Harry was fully prepared and we were all thrilled that he passed. Thank you

Harry passed the 2023 11+

My daughter Shannon started to do 11+ class with 11 plus pass since year 4. She found the small group session is helpful and she always enjoy going there. She found some tips that the tutor gave her has really helped with her preparation. With the 2 mocks that she had, she was given a clear report after each mock and an estimation on her level compared to the peers, which helped me to get an idea on her strength and weaker area. She has now passed the exam with 148, we are all very happy about this result and thank you 11 plus pass for your teaching and support along the way!

Shannon passed the 2023 11+ with a score of 148

My daughter was able to confidently approach her 11+ exam. She had covered far more in her weekly classes than was included on the exam itself, and achieved an excellent score

Eliza passed the 2023 11+

Thanks to the tuition provided by Rachel & Ella my daughter successfully passed the 11 plus.

The sessions identified the areas she needed to work on & the feedback from the sessions was very constructive & helpful. The additional holidays & 1-2-1 sessions offered ensured she was ready & prepared for the exam.

This student passed the 2023 11+

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