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This is a small selection of the testimonials and feedback we've received. They are unabridged and are reproduced with permission of the people involved. Student names and scores have been withheld when requested.

My daughter wrote her 11+ exam in September 2018 and passed! The exam is stressful but thanks to Rachel’s brilliant teaching and coaching skills, we were able to achieve the result we did. We are very grateful to Rachel, and would highly recommend her to anyone!

This student passed the 2018 11+

Our daughter had her tuition with Rachel for the 11plus session. She joined the small groups during her tuition and worked hard outside sessions. Rachel was very professional and a helpful guide. She sat for the mock test and took the holiday sessions with Rachel and Becky. We’re happy to say she passed her exams. We recommend Rachel’s sessions. Thank you to Rachel and Becky.

This student passed the 2018 11+

Thank you very much to Rachel and Becky . My son went to Rachel’s weekly lesson and he has always enjoyed it. The lessons were stimulating and ‘fun’. He also attended the holiday NVR sessions, which helped him to tackle this section. He recommends Rachel and Becky to my younger son who will be sitting the exam in 2019!

This student passed the 2018 11+

We are thrilled our son passed his 11+ and we’re sure he wouldn’t have done so without the excellent tuition he received from Rachel each week. The classes were small and informal and the feedback forms at the end of each lesson were useful to catch the areas that needed extra work. We also attended holiday classes and the mock exams which were invaluable. We would recommend Rachel (and may well need her services again in a few years time!). Thank you.

Ted passed the 2018 11+

Our daughter really enjoyed her small group sessions with Rachel and we saw her confidence grow during the year. The sessions are well structured and supported with excellent materials, as well as lots of opportunities to focus on specific areas if needed.

Needless to say she was over the moon when she passed, with a good score, as were we! We would highly recommend Rachel to others.

This student passed the 2018 11+ with a score of 141

My son joined Rachel a few months before the exam. He enjoyed learning so much here and indicated Rachel's the best teacher he'd ever met. I could even see a big change in his learning attitude. The family is feeling lucky to have had Rachel and Becky as his 11+ tutors. With no doubt we'll send our young son to Rachel when he's preparing for the 11+.

Aaron passed the 2018 11+

Our son was tutored by Rachel Higgins for his 11+ exam and he was always excited to attend the class on a weekly basis. He has expressed that the classroom environment was fun and even though he passed he will miss the class. To quote him "I couldn't have done it without the tuition. I wouldn't have understood half of the questions if not for Rachel". The experience was invaluable.

This student passed the 2018 11+ with a score of 145

My son enjoyed his tuition sessions, so he was motivated to study. Lessons were delivered in an interactive and interesting way (he says they were “fun”). When he had doubts about his ability to pass the exam he was provided the reassurance he needed.

Feedback to parents was useful for supporting the child at home. The whole exam preparatory period was relaxed and appeared effortless.

I would definitely use the services again. Needless to say, my son passed his exams.

This student passed the 2018 11+

My son enjoyed his tuition sessions, so he was motivated to study. Lessons were delivered in an interactive and interesting way (he says they were “fun”). When he had doubts about his ability to pass the exam he was provided the reassurance he needed.

Feedback to parents was useful for supporting the child at home. The whole exam preparatory period was relaxed and appeared effortless.

I would definitely use the services again. Needless to say, my son passed his exams.

This student passed the 2018 11+

Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with Rachel throughout the year. It really improved her ability and confidence resulting in her passing her 11+ exam. We can not thank Rachel enough as she made the preparation fun for Isabel.

This student passed the 2018 11+

Our son passed the 11 plus exams this year (2018).

I would hence like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to Rachel and Becky for their contribution in his success at the exam this year. Your mock tests have been really helpful and the detailed feedback on each area of strength and improvements required have really helped him get better at the exam. To be honest, we have not seen such detailed and personalised feedback for any of the other mock tests that he had appeared for. The mock exam and the feedback gave us, as parents, the confidence in him and put our anxiety to rest.

At this point, I would also like to mention that our daughter had passed the exam back in 2015 and she was also associated with 11Plus Pass for their Short term courses and Mock exams.

On both the occasions the children have been greatly benefitted from the course and the Mock exams in particular.

Thanks once again for all your efforts and I have already recommended 11 Plus Pass to some of our friends who have kids taking the 11Plus exam in the future

This student passed the 2018 11+

My son thoroughly enjoyed his tuition. The support and guidance he received was invaluable in gaining a successful result in his 11Plus exam.

This student passed the 2017 11+

Rachel’s dedication and tailoring of tuition to match our daughter’s needs helped her achieve success in her 11+. She remained positive and engaged throughout the year thanks to the positive attitude and motivation at each and every session.

Phoebe passed the 2017 11+

I can’t believe that I have known Rachel Higgins for eight years now as she has successfully guided all three of my sons, Charlie, Jamie and Louis through the 11 Plus Test with increasingly good scores each time! My three children are very different and Rachel tailored her lessons brilliantly to their individual needs. She made all their learning fun and taught me some new things along the way. My eldest son is currently in his first term studying Classics at Oxford University, an opportunity he would not have had without Rachel’s help all those years ago. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Louis passed the 2017 11+ with a score of 141, Jamie passed in 2011 with a score of 130 and Charlie passed in 2009 with a score of 124

We would highly recommend Rachel and Becky as a superb support for 11+ preparation. They differentiated individual lessons according to the needs of our twins and informed them (and us!) of indispensable tips and techniques demonstrating their vast knowledge and expertise of the exam.

The twins passed the 2017 11+ with scores of 132 and 141

I would not hestitate to recommend 11 Plus Pass. My daughter absolutely loved her weekly lessons with Rachel. She is calm, knowledgeable and friendly, and tailors her teaching to the needs of the individual. After one of her first lessons, my daughter said to me, "Mum, I can actually be myself when I'm with Rachel." In fact, although she is delighted to have done so well in the exam we are both already missing dashing up to MK on a Friday afternoon after school! I will definitely send our younger daughter to Rachel/Becky if she is suitable and wants to take the exam.

This student passed the 2017 11+ with a score of 137

Right from the start the care and compassion Rachel and Becky have shown has been fantastic. Freddy took part in small group lessons which he found really helpful with his learning as well as making new friendships that continue to grow. I cannot recommend 11pluspass enough for anyone wanting their child to consider the 11plus exam.

We are very grateful for how well he did and the weekly feedback forms were very useful for us to help in any areas that required improvement

Freddy passed the 2017 11+ with a score of 125

Sophia is our second daughter to have been tutored by Rachel. Like her elder sister, she thoroughly enjoyed each session, learning quickly thanks to Rachel's teaching methods and friendly approach to the different subjects. She has now passed the 11+ and we hope she will now join her sister at Aylesbury High School. We would highly recommend Rachel to anyone who wants to prepare their children for the 11+. We couldn't have found a better tutor.

Sophia passed the 2017 11+

Thanks to Rachel's tuitions, our son Luca managed a very respectable score of 140. Both tuitions and mock exam, followed by Rachel's marking, really helped him to be ready for the big day. 2 happy parents

Luca passed the 2017 11+ with a score of 140

This is my second child that I have sent to Becky and Rachel for 11+ tuition who has easily passed the 11+ exam. I think they are great teachers that make the classes enjoyable for the children. I feel like they are a safe pair of hands for 11+ tutoring. Like with my first child, again with Sacha we did revision and test papers over the summer together which I think contributed to his good passmark. I truly believe that to ensure success with a good margin in the exam it’s an equal partnership between the child, the teacher and the parent. You can’t just rely on the classes and the hours homework per week. They provide the framework from which to help your child further yourself.

Sacha passed the 2017 11+ with a score of 133

I can't recommend Rachel enough to any parent looking to tutor their child for the 11+. Maddi loved her and was happy to come to the tutorials each week. Rachel's style of teaching is different from traditional teachers and kept her engaged. Our family feel we have shared a journey with Rachel over this past year and we can't wait for our youngest to start with her.

Maddi passed the 2017 11+

4 years after being successful with our first , we faced the decision -to switch tutors or remain . We prayed about it and remained in the face of other names being bandied about. Thank Jesus our faith and trust paid off - Rachel's skills in building up the confidence in a child through a special relationship and teaching the techniques required for the difficult areas of the subjects Is immeasurable The feedback provided after each lessons was the key as we practised daily at home on weak areas. We are very happy 11+ journey parents

Austin passed the 2017 11+

Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed small group sessions with Rachel and Becky. Their fantastic approach towards learning not only made our daughter look forward for weekly sessions but also enthused her to work independently at home. She also attended most of their holiday schools which were more intense and created a fine balance between the weekly learning and managing practice during holidays. The year round tutoring did not load her with unnecessary work. It's a tailored approach for a 10 year olds mind which also helps our daughter in school very much and she is now also prepared and at ease at the same time for upcoming SATs.

This student passed the 2016 11+ with a score of 130

When we embarked on our 11+ journey we looked at a number of tutoring options. We were very impressed with the balance in Rachel's approach - expecting the children to work hard while recognising that they are 10. With the help of Rachel's intervention our daughter passed the 11+ with flying colours. An excellent approach and organisation.

This student passed the 2016 11+ with flying colours!

Thank you so much Rachel and Becky for your help with Rebecca's 11+ tuition last year. It was a hard year but has been worth the effort as Rebecca passed with a fantastic score of 140. What made the year bearable was that Rebecca thoroughly enjoyed the classes and has already asked when he sister is starting so she can see you all again!

Rebecca passed the 2016 11+ with a score of 140

Maddy really loved her group tuition sessions with Becky and always refers to these as fun! Throughout the year her confidence in her general schoolwork grew and she has come away with a real sense that consistent hard work pays off.

The mock exams and summer schools were invaluable in her achieving such a great score.

Maddy passed the 2016 11+ with a score of 147

We had the pleasure of having both Rachel and Becky for both my children's tutors. They had a consistent, thorough approach to each of their specific requirements and instilled confidence throughout. Small classes in a lovely homey environment. I have recommended to a number of people as a result, and you can't get better than that!

M passed the 2016 Denbigh entrance exam (NVR) with a score of 129

I've known Rachel Higgins for over 10 years as she tutored out oldest son successfully through his 12 plus and recently our youngest. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Rachel to anyone, she's an excellent tutor and a very kind and caring person. George, who took his 11 plus in 2016 scored a 131. He thoroughly enjoyed the lessons because Rachel makes them lots of fun, which really keeps them interested and motivated to learn.

Thanks Rachel for all your support.

George passed the 2016 11+ with a score of 131

Rachel provided my daughter with excellent tuition for the whole year prior to her taking the 11+ exam. Although a lot of hard work Rachel always made lessons fun and created the best learning environment for my daughter. I can and have recommended Rachel as an outstanding tutor.

Caitlin passed the 2016 11+ with a score of 145

Rachel and Becky, Once again thank you so very much for helping Josh to pass his 11+ exam. I feel the lessons with you and your mock exams have been instrumental in helping him achieve this result!! I have already recommended you to a number of parents and will continue to do so.

Josh passed the 2016 11+ with a score of 126

My daughter has been tutored by Rachel for 11 plus for the past one year and she is thoroughly enjoying her sessions. She is extremely patient and explains things properly and repeatedly until she understands. She is a lovely tutor who puts her at ease. She makes lessons fun and I would recommend her to anyone.

Zoey passed the 2016 11+

Rachel did a wonderful job with my son. She has a unique and individual approach and unlike some tutors out there, actively teaches/explains/de-mystifies throughout every session.

My son thoroughly enjoyed working with Rachel and gradually grew in confidence, to the extent that he could hardly wait to take his 11+. In the event, he flew through.

I am delighted and happily recommend Rachel.

Phillip passed the 2015 11+ with a score of 157

We are thrilled that our son passed the 11+ test. Becky was a super support and coach during the year leading up to the test. My son really enjoyed the weekly sessions and the holiday courses with Rachel too. The tutoring was worthwhile not only in terms of passing the 11+ but also in providing a solid foundation of knowledge and work ethic from which to build at high school.

This student passed the 2015 11+

The tuition was fantastic, William came out of the preparation test saying "that was easier than the things Becky gives me" and as a result was completely calm walking into test day.

William passed the 2015 11+

Rachel is a highly skilled tutor and has made Erin's time with her not only educational but enjoyable too. We would highly recommend Rachel to any parent wishing their child to pass the 11 plus.

Erin passed the 2015 11+

Rachel was recommended to us by a friend whose daughter had passed the 11+ in 2013.

Following the initial assessment I immediately knew that Rachel was the right tutor for our daughter. Scarlet thoroughly enjoyed every single lesson with Rachel. Even the Mock exams!

Rachel not only tutored Scarlet to 11+ success she also improved her confidence enormously, which is invaluable. I would have no hesitation recommending Rachel and I regularly do so. We will be back with our younger daughter next year.

Scarlet passed the 2015 11+ with a score of 141

I originally came across Rachel at 11 plus pass several years ago when she was recommended to me by a friend. Consequently, Rachel successfully guided my daughter to pass her 11 plus exam. Inspired by her tuition, I put my son's name down on the waiting list and now several years later Rachel has again tutored my son to 11 plus success.

My children are completely different in temperament, but Rachel was able to tailor her lessons to successfully engage and motivate each individual. Both children have expressed that the lessons were always fun which I think is very important as they always looked forward to and enjoyed their lessons.

The group holiday sessions and the mock exams were also particularly useful as they could experience the sessions with other children, realising that they were not alone in their quest.

I feel that we have been very lucky to come across Rachel.

Freddie passed the 2015 11+ with a score of 144

Many thanks Rachel for all the advice you gave us for our youngest child, from the initial assessment to guidance through the year on strengths and areas to improve on, with appropriate lesson planning and homework too. Rachel really does have a full and clear understanding of what a child needs to cover to ensure they are sufficiently prepared for the 'new' 11+ test.

Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed the lessons (and stickers!) and was well informed on exam technique, time management and shortcuts to solve problems.

All 3 of our children have now been successful in the 11+ exam with only Rachel's guidance in 1:1 lessons, the youngest 2 taking the 'new test'. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Rachel and would advise anyone thinking of entering their child for the 11+ to seek an assessment from Rachel in the summer before their child enters Y5 and trust her advice from the assessment.

Josie passed the 2015 11+

The excellent tuition and support given by Rachel has been invaluable in helping our son, Oliver, through the 11 Plus.

Oliver passed the 2014 11+

James thoroughly enjoyed his time at 11PlusPass and he worked very well with Becky who had a great understanding of what he needed and when. Overall, James was a much better person for the tuition and he passed well. I would recommend Becky and Rachel to anyone.

James passed the 2014 11+ with a score of 130

Our son really enjoyed his sessions with Rachel and the many stickers received for his efforts. His confidence improved, he learnt a lot and so did we. Passing the final test was merely 'the icing on the cake.'

This student passed the 2014 11+ with a score of 130

Ellen genuinely enjoyed her lessons with Rachel - and it benefitted all her school work as well as preparing her for the 11+ and indeed for exams generally. As a full time working parent of four it was also a pleasure to deal with Rachel who was efficient, flexible and kind.

Ellen passed the 2014 11+ with a score of 127

Many thanks to Becky and Rachel for the commitment and support you have given to Freddie. We have seen his confidence and vocabulary grow enormously over the past year which we have been delighted with. The fact that he passed is an added bonus - Brilliant school, thank you!

Freddie passed the 2014 11+ with a score of 124

After much investigation around 11+ tutors, we decided on Rachel....in fact, our daughter decided on Rachel. Rachel's approach: calm and supportive, encouraging but firm was just right. We started tutoring fairly late in the academic year but Rachel covered all necessary areas and gaps with Megan. Her honesty in identifying weaknesses and strengths was also invaluable. Megan was extremely comfortable with her and this led to a happy student who passed her 11+. We would recommend Rachel to any family wishing to proceed with the 11+ exam.

Megan passed the 2014 11+ with a score of 127

Oscar really benefitted from his lessons with Becky. She covered all of the aspects of the Transfer Test so that he was comprehensively prepared for the day of the exam.

I would definitely recommend Becky and 11+ Pass.

Oscar passed the 2014 11+ with a score of 138

Rachel and Becky make it fun, rewarding and even cool for the students. The teaching is excellent and I feel very lucky that we found the best tutor.

Jamie passed the 2014 11+ with a score of 138

My daughter benefitted hugely from the classes and always came out of a session feeling enthusiastic - this stood her in very good stead at exam time. Her confidence in the tools and techniques meant that despite making a (significant) administrative error on a paper, she was able to pick herself up and carry on, resulting in a solid pass.

F.H. passed the 2013 11+

Sewa joined the lessons late and had to be fitted in majorly with Becky with Rachel handling some as well. She bonded instantly with both and thoroughly enjoyed the learning process. I watched her grow in confidence as the months progressed and whilst we were over the moon with her pass. We are even happier with the method of and approach to learning and study Sewa has learnt from both tutors. Thank you so much.

Sewa passed the 2013 11+

Rachel has taught both my kids and have enabled them to pass their 11+. She has a very unique style whereby she motivates and engages her students to achieve their potential. The kids look forward to her lessons as they are challenging as well as rewarding. I know that she has a very long waiting list and I am so thankful that she accommodated us. I would definitely recommend her as she delivers results.

Syed passed the 2013 11+ with a marvellous score of 155

Rachel you are a star! Max enjoyed all your lessons and was never reluctant to attend. During his time with you his confidence grew and grew. Thank you so much for all your hard work - job well done!

Max passed the 2013 11+ with a score of 139.45!

Rachel is a great guidance and tutor. She built up my daughter's confidence gradually during the 11+ journey. This year 11+ changed lots, but Rachel was well organised. I am very happy for what she did. 11+ is not just do the typical question, but develop children's potential ability and I think Rachel did it. My daughter passed 11+ with magic number 139.

This student passed the 2013 11+ with a score of 139

Many thanks to both of you for the tuition provided to Nikki over the last 12 months which helped her achieve an excellent result in the 11 plus test.

Nikki was mostly tutored by Becky and passed the 2013 11+ with a score of 138

Rachel was super quick to identify the gaps in Josh's knowledge, confidence and organisation. She focused on exactly what he needed to do and made him believe he would be successful. I would (and have) recommend without hesitation!

Josh passed the 2012 11+ with a maximum score of 141!

Thank you for the guidance and support you continually provided Shreya during her 11+ journey. Shreya really enjoyed her study sessions and I found the well-organised mock exam days extremely helpful in providing Shreya with a good indication of what the actual exams would be like. A special thanks to Rachel for being both inspiring and patient. I will definitely be recommending 11 plus pass.

Shreya passed the 2012 11+ with a score of 124

We left it too late to get regular weekly lessons but Rachel provided cancellation sessions and more regular tuition closer to the 11+ date. We also attended Easter and Summer Schools. I have absolute confidence in Rachel's methodology and professional approach. She gave Alice confidence in herself and developed her vocabulary, technique and knowledge. Alice received weekly tuition from one of Rachel's colleagues, Becky, for the last two months. She was also fantastic and I have no hesitation in also recommending her. Having attended a couple of lessons with another tutor I can confidently state that both Rachel and Becky are a cut above!

Alice passed the 2012 11+ with a score of 124

Rachel has been a fantastic tutor for my daughter. She has been extremely focussed and dedicated towards her preparation for the 11+. I can't thank her enough!

This student passed the 2012 11+ with a score of 124

Our daughter Elis was less than enthusiastic about sitting the 11+. Rachel was recommended to us by a friend and after she assessed Elis we decided to persevere with it. Elis thoroughly enjoyed her sessions with Rachel. The techniques of tackling the various question types were explained clearly and practised thoroughly. Rachel identified any weak points and concentrated on them. She was full of practical advice and handy tips on how to approach certain topics and was able to put these across in such as way that Elis found them easy to apply to the practice papers. As a result of Rachel's experience, teaching skills and patience, Elis entered the exams calmly and confidently and passed with a score of 125.

As a family we are all hugely grateful to Rachel.

Elis passed the 2012 11+ with a score of 125

I was tutoring my son myself until discovering Rachel. Kortei attended the Summer School and then a weekly session [with Becky] for four weeks prior to the exams. Thanks Rachel for making the 11+ possible for Kortei. I would recommend Rachel to other parents and I have booked my youngest son for 2017!

Kortei passed the 2012 11+

We are so grateful Rachel for your excellent teaching and positive way of working with our daughter to achieve her goal. Her confidence and positive attitude increased with your teaching and she really looked forward to her weekly sessions.

Rachel passed the 2011 11+ with a score of 124

Rachel provided a highly structured and progressive approach towards our daughter's preparation for the 11 plus. Throughout the year, knowledge and problem solving skills were steadily developed, with increased emphasis given on specific areas when and where required.

The sessions were made enjoyable and our daughter always looked forward to going which made the understanding and absorption of the teaching more effective. The end result was that our daughter was thoroughly prepared and confident in her own ability to tackle the exam.

This student passed the 2011 11+ with a scores of 125 and 122

My daughter and I discovered Rachel very late in the year, but I'm so glad we did because it definitely made a difference. She not only gave tools and techniques for answering questions quickly and correctly, she also instilled a sense of confidence that was invaluable for such a stressful event. I'm quite sure that it's thanks to Rachel that my daughter passed. I have booked my son in for 2015!!

This student passed the 2011 11+

Bet you've had loads of mails and texts this evening. Here's another one...

Robert passed the 11+. His first test score was 131 and his second 141.

Again, very many thanks for your invaluable help and encouragement without which he would not have been so prepared and confident to have a go.

Fantastic result for him and for you!

Robert passed the 2011 11+ with a maximum score of 141!

My daughter attended the summer school with Rachel and the intense training (over 5 days of 1 hr each) covering all major question types combined with the work we did at home with papers available in bookshops and amazon helped her to get the speed and confidence in finishing the questions on time and then getting most of them right!

I particularly found Rachel's books on number relationships and dual meaning words helpful for the many questions on the type.

Though working with a group of 5 children, Rachel managed to guide and challenge all of them to reach the best of their abilities-and did a few timed tests on some question types alongwith tips to help them master techniques and cut time; and her experience in the 11+ exams was apparent with her confident assessment of a positive result for Kalindi back in July before she had even gained the ability to finish the paper on time is amazing;Kalindi passed both tests with a score of 126 and 132 marks.

This student attended a Summer School and passed the 2011 11+ with scores of 132 and 126.

Helena loved every session with Rachel and her confidence and speed increased tremendously. She was undoubtedly more relaxed about the whole 11+ thing having received tutoring from Rachel. Our son is on Rachel's list for 2 years time.

Helena passed the 2011 11+ - score unknown

We would like to say a "BIG Thank You" for fitting Chantelle into your busy schedule and for preparing her for the exam. Chantelle has passed the 12+ with the good score of 131.

I wish we came to you last year for the support and tuition. Your teaching methods are fantastic and Chantelle absolutely enjoyed every single lesson with you. Chantelle has learnt so much more about the 11+/12+ tests and exams, which led to her success.

I have pre-booked my other daughter with you and hope you will be able to fit her in and help her to pass the 11+, as you have done for Chantelle with the 12+.

I have and I will recommend you to all my friends and parents at my children's schools. The time running up to 11+/12+ exams are very stressful and help from a professional person like you are much appreciated.

Chantelle passed the 2011 12+ exam with a score of 131.

Rachel immediately put my daughter at ease with her professional yet warm approach and quickly identified areas for attention. We saw Rachel for only 5 sessions and in that short time she provided invaluable advice on exam technique. She was also very understanding and supportive of a mother who had left it very late before contacting her!

I am delighted that with Rachel's guidance my daughter achieved an excellent score.

Romilly attended Weekly Sessions and passed the 2011 11+ with a score of 141

Thank you Rachel, you gave Charlie the confidence in his ability, combined with handy hints and exam technique for him to fly both tests.

The tests themselves he looked forward to and wasn't nervous on the day.

Charlie attended Weekly Sessions and a Holiday School, and passed the 2011 11+ with a score of 135

Rachel has taught two of my sons for the 11-plus examination. Charlie and Jamie are very different boys and Rachel approached their instruction quite differently, tailoring her approach to their particular strengths and weaknesses. Rachel is a skilled and conscientious teacher who has succeeded in bringing out the best in Charlie and Jamie. Needless to say their little brother Louis is already booked in to start his tuition in 2016!!

Jamie attended Weekly Sessions and passed the 2011 11+ with a score of 130

Rachel, Many thanks for making and teaching the 11-plus in a fun and enjoyable way.
The result was fantastic and our daughter is extremely pleased to have been tutored by you.

This student attended Weekly Sessions and passed the 2011 11+ with a score of 129

Thank you Rachel for the help, support and patience that you gave our daughter in her time with you. She passed with flying colours and has now been accepted to her first choice grammar school. Your experience is invaluable and cannot be overstated. I look forward to bringing my son to you when he starts the process with you also.

This studentattended Weekly Sessions and passed the 2010 11+ with a score of 135

Rachel is a very good teacher, and has a superb knowledge of 11plus. When we went to her, she assured us that our boy will get a top mark once he completes the programme she had prepared for him.

During his preparation, she made sure that my son was aware of all the little but important details. She taught him little tricks on how to work out answers quickly and accurately.

We are very delighted to state for the record that our boy got over 130 and strongly recommend Rachel to any parent.

This student attended Weekly Sessions and passed the 2010 11+ with a score of 132

Thanks Rachel, you really helped develop Molly's confidence and exam technique as well as encouraging her to expand her vocabulary.

Best of all though, you made the sessions engaging and Molly really enjoyed her hour on a Saturday with you - it was never a chore.

Molly attended Weekly Sessions and passed the 2010 11+ with a score of 134

Rachel, I knew from the day of the initial assessment that I'd made the right decision sending Arthur to you. His confidence levels when attending were extremely high and nerves virtually non-existent.

Arthur predicted he had scored highly when the exams were finished and he was correct. He genuinely misses his weeklyvisitto you. Thanks for everything.

Arthur attended Weekly Sessions and passed the 2010 11+ with a score of 139

Rachel's Summer course was excellent for teaching my son some great techniques for answering 11+ questions. Sam passed his 11+ with flying colours.

Sam attended a Holiday School and passed the 2009 11+ with a score of 128

We were thrilled with our daughter's results in the 2009 exam. Rachel honed in on any problem areas and provided bespoke tuition and enjoyment. The benefits of tuition went beyond just 11+ as Lauren also moved up groups in school in both Maths and English.

Laurenattended Weekly Sessions and passed the 2009 11+ with a score of 134. Rachel is now teaching her brother.

Rachel helped Saul to confidently develop his technique and speed. In addition, she helped him extend his vocabulary. The outcome was a great pass and a confident child who regularly applies any new vocabulary into his schoolwork. Many thanks.

Saul attended Weekly Sessions and passed the 2009 11+ with a score of 136

Rachel is an excellent teacher with an genuine understanding of the 11 Plus system and her pupils. My son Charlie was not enthusiastic about the 11 Plus test and had a tendency to panic when faced with a challenging question. Rachel taught him the techniques he needed to overcome the panic and made her lessons so much fun that Charlie really looked forward to them. I have booked my two other sons for tutoring with Rachel and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Charlie attended Weekly Sessions and a Holiday School. He passed the 2009 11+ with a score of 128

My daughter had a week of Rachel's Summer School as her regular tutor didn't work over the summer. I think it really helped to keep it all fresh in her mind when she went back to school in September. Rachel explained things well and had a good range of 11 Plus literature to do at home.

This student attended a Holiday School and passed the 2009 11+ with a score of 133

Having helped my daughter Amy to pass her 12 Plus I am so glad I booked Rachel to tutor my son Ben. Although I always knew that Ben had the mental ability to conquer the 11 Plus questions, he lacked staying power and concentration. He rushed through the questions and made silly mistakes. Rachel was able to help him focus and to have the care and patience needed to avoid the traps that these papers often contain. She also helped him overcome his loathing of certain question types which saved him minutes!

Ben attended Weekly Sessions and a Holiday School. He passed the 2009 11+ with a score of 139.

Rachel helped our daughter to fulfil her potential by devising simple problem-solving techniques which allowed her to develop and maintain a very enthusiastic and positive attitude to her work. She gave our daughter the confidence and above all the self-belief to tackle a range of problems which enabled her to pass the 11 Plus. We owe Rachel a debt of gratitude.

Jodie attended Weekly Sessions and a Holiday School. She passed the 2009 11+ with a score of 123.

William gained so much confidence from the lessons he had with Rachel, which was key to him passing his 11 plus. Rachel was kind, calm and friendly, and made her lessons fun so William was always keen and thoroughly enjoyed the work he did. He passed with a 127 score, a wider vocabulary, bags of confidence and an enthusiasm for learning more.

William attended Weekly Sessions and a Holiday School. He passed the 2009 11+ with a score of 127

With Ethan, I recognised I had a child with aptitude to pass the 11 plus but with no desire to learn techniques to achieve this goal. Rachel's gift to him was her huge enthusiasm for verbal reasoning. She sparked an interest in Ethan and at the end of a school week he would happily go to his hourly session because "she makes it fun."

Thank you Rachel.

Ethan attended Weekly Sessions and a Holiday School. He passed the 2009 11+ with a score of 140

Amy's score of 113 in her 11+ was mainly due to her lack of confidence, which in turn lead to her being too slow and not completing the papers in the 50 minutes.

Rachel was able to really build Amy's confidence and speed, resulting in a score of 138 in the 12+. I just wish we had found her earlier!

Amy attended Weekly Sessions and passed the 12+ with a score of 138

Rachel tutored my son Carlo for the 11Plus. Rachel is very professional, helpful and provided lots of help and support.

Carlo enjoyed going to Rachel and says that she is very encouraging, kind and fun to work with.

I would recommend Rachel to all my friends and family. Without her help, support and input, I believe Carlo would not have been offered a place at Grammar School.

Carlo attended Weekly Sessions and a Holiday School. His sister will be attending in a few years time.

Daniel thoroughly enjoyed his 11Plus experience and now misses his weekly lesson. He loved every minute in a friendly non-pressurised environment. Rachel has bags of experience and patience which helped Daniel to achieve in both final exams.

Daniel attended weekly sessions and passed the 11+ with a score of 123. Rachel is now teaching his sister!

James found you [to be] a great tutor and felt completely relaxed with you and you also gave him the encouragement and confidence to do well - he was motivated to do the homework you set him. He went into the 12+ feeling very well prepared having covered all the codes and types of questions.

James attended weekly sessions and passed the 12+ with a score of 134.

My two daughters began lessons in preparation for an entrance exam to attend a public school in Staffordshire (11 and 12 plus). The girls found Rachel very approachable and really enjoyed their lessons with her. Her experience and style was adapted to ensure the maximum potential was achieved by both girls. The girls found their lessons fun while still learning.

I am delighted to say that both girls have passed their respective exams and exceeded the required level in the verbal reasoning.

Natasha and Rebeccaattended weekly sessions and passed their public school entrance exams.

She (Rachel) made Beckham feel comfortable with every aspect of the test and gave him invaluable inside information on how the examiners and test-setters are thinking, and useful ways to solve the problems that appear in the test.

Beckham attended weekly sessions and passed the 12-plus with a score of 122.

There are so many good adjectives to choose from when you speak about Rachel that it's difficult to know where to start:

  • Effective
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Accurate in assessment of your child's ability
  • Promotes confidence within your child
  • Pleasant honest manner
  • Inspires trust
  • Knows her stuff

And so - we've already booked her in a few years hence for tuition with our younger son.

Would and do recommend her highly to anyone.

William attended weekly sessions and passed the 12-plus with a score of 124.

You certainly played a major part in building Danial's base for his 11-plus preparations. You gave him a lot of confidence and self-belief which showed in his results.

Danial attended weekly sessions, passed the 11-plus (score unknown) and is now attending a Grammar School

Rachel, Just a quick note to say a very big THANK YOU for all your patience and help Laurie leading up to his 11+ examination. As you can imagine we are absolutely thrilled, and slightly stunned, by his quite incredible score of 141! I hope you bask too in his glory in the knowledge that you must take some credit for this achievement.

Laurie attended weekly sessions and passed with the maximum score of 141.

Rachel knew all there was to know about the 11+. She was the perfect tutor for Isobel - friendly and kind but focused, making her lessons a "lot of fun" (Isobel's words). She knew just how much information Isobel could absorb in one lesson and managed to maintain her enthusiasm and confidence. Rachel's feedback meant that Isobel could focus on areas that she needed to work on at home, reducing the amount of tuition required. A superb tutor.

Isobel attended weekly sessions and the Holiday School. She passed with a score of 132 on both papers, and Isobel's brother is scheduled for 11-plus tuition later this year.

We'd just like to say thank you for the hard work and time you put in teaching 11-plus to our son. We were all very proud of Karan when we heard his test results. Once again thank you very much and we will recommend you highly as an 11-plus tutor to other parents. Your teaching conributed to passing his 11-plus exam.

Karan attended weekly sessions and the Holiday School. He passed his 11-plus with a score of 132.

The best thing I liked about Rachel's tuition is her systematic approach to the various types of questions for the exam. And she got the charm which got accepted by her students quickly so that trust could be established between the tutor and pupils. I reckon that is why my daughter can learn faster with her than with others.

Lilly attended weekly sessions and the Holiday School. She passed her 11-plus with the maximum score of 141.

Thank you very much for all the help and encouragement you gave Oliver. He loved his Tuesday hour with you.

Oliver attended weekly sessions. He passed his 11-plus with a score of 124. His sister is scheduled for 11-plus tuition later this year.

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